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Granul Invest placed third order of Biomass power plant for combined heat and power production to Graanul Invest in Baltics. Poverplant will produce 10MWe, it will be running at the autumn 2017.


Biomass power plant supply No:1 for combined heat and power production to  Sia Graanul Invest in Latvia

Urbas will supply SIA Graanul Invest with a biomass power plant for combined heat and power production (CHP) in the municipality of Incukalns in Latvia. The delivery scope includes also the plant automation system. Plant will start at early Autumn 2014.

  • Fuels: forest residues such bark and wood chips
  • Output: 60bar 20,5t/h of steam, or 11,3MWh termal and 4 MW of electricity
  • Mechanical incline moving grate combustion technology

SIA Graanul Invest is Latvian based subsidiary of AS Graanul Invest, which is a private capital based company dealing with bioenergy and renewable energy production. AS Graanul Invest is the biggest producer of pellets in the Baltics with six pellet factories and counts among the top three European producers.

“The wide scope, stabile el production and reliable technical solution tailored to our needs as well as good relationships we built up with Urbas power during the negotiations on Estonian as well as Latvian plants were very important to us” project people of Graanul Invest.


News, winter, and winter problem with fuels are here!

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Boiler comp doc

Finnish Energy Consulting company Benet Ltd. presents a tabel  (see photo) about how fuel quality and price of boilerinvestment correlates. This table is often truthful.

With Urbas system you don't pay any extra of the opportunity to use cheap and even bad quality "multifuels"!
Urbas has developed unique fuelfeeding that tolerates low quality and big size wood based on biofuel with stones, metal, woodpieces and pieces of sawlogs mixed. Even bigger ice clods (photo) and snow do not cause any harm for Urbas fuelfeeding. (see photo)

Urbas has developed a furnace which is able to use  all kind of fuels from sawmillindustry.
Inside sawmillindustry it's demand is to get quickly heat for peak loads caused by new kilnloads. Often boiler has to double its effect on very short time, otherwise the lack of heat causes damages on kiln quality of sawntimber. Fast boiler gives benefits even to districtheating solutions.   


URBAS CHP for Stora Enso - April 2013

The cogeneration plant in Czech Zdirec which has been under construction for the past months for Stora Enso Wood Products has recently been taken into operation as planned and now delivers 23,5MW of heat for the factories drying chambers and 6MW of electrical energy which flows directly into the public grid. The plant is set to be handed over to the customer at the end of may 2013.

Big Romanian Project!- November 2012

Urbas Energietechnik was awarded the contract to build a modern Biomass Power Plant in the Romanian City of Suceava. The Plant, with a power output of 130MW thermal and 31MW electrical energy is set to replace the existing, outdated Coal Power Plant which currently supplies the 200,000 residents with energy. The plant, which will be realized through URBAS as the main contractor should go in to operation at the end of 2013 with an estimated cost of 60 million euros.


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