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URBAS Biomass power plant for combined heat and power production to  Sia Graanul Invest in Latvia

Urbas has supplied to the SIA Graanul Invest 2x biomass power plants for combined heat and power production (CHP) in the municipality of Incukalns in Latvia. The delivery scope includes also the plant with automation system. Both of plants started before target time at the Autumn 2014.

  • Fuels: forest residues such bark and wood chips
  • Output: 60bar 20,5t/h of steam or 11,3MWh heat and 4 MW of electricity
  • Mechanical incline moving grate combustion technology

SIA Graanul Invest is Latvian based subsidiary of AS Graanul Invest, which is a private capital based company dealing with bioenergy and renewable energy production. AS Graanul Invest is the biggest producer of pellets in the Baltics with six pellet factories and counts among the top three European producers.

“The wide scope, stabile el production and reliable technical solution tailored to our needs as well as good relationships we built up with Urbas power during the negotiations on Estonian as well as Latvian plants were very important to us”project people of Graanul Invest.

Ths was also message from Graanul Invest, they have experience from use of number fluided bed boilers and now change easy use, multifuel, tilted moving grate technolgy from Urbas! 
Please, take contact and agree visit to Graanul!


Plkky Kuusamo a

Boiler technology from Austrian CleanTech company Urbas Energy is a one-family-owned metalworkshopcompany from southern Austria. The company is specialiced to manufacture and develope powerplants, steamplants and hotwaterplants. Furnace construction is tilted as a moving grate solution and its made for burning of solid fuels. (bark, wet bark, cleaninbark, woodchips, forestchips, sawdust, wet sawdust, dry savings, woodpellets, beat).

With this hard competition situation between boiler manufacturers in the Central Europe, Urbas' target was to develope and to be the best on burning of those most difficult low value fuels.
Urbas is located in middle of Central-Europe, surrounded by big boiler markets, but even hundreds of hungry competitors. Within this competition environment Urbas has been taking about 80% share of the market within the deliveries of plants to the big industrial sawmills in the Central-Europe. Urbas has even gained a central position as a supplier of the powerplants to the power and district heating industry.

When the boilers are able to use all types of fuels inside the sawmillindustry, then they manage then to use all kinds of wood based on biofuels on free market. Some of our customers are even mixing peat in wood fuels.

Boilerplants from Urbas have a modular design; the modules are being manufactured as ready as possible at the workshops. Ready modules will be transported for quick mounting to the customers site.

Urbas makes some small MW boilers to serve "the old customers". The biggest single
boiler made with module system is 25MW. Urbas' boilers are competitive until
4x25MW size. Urbas designs boilers up to 78bar construction pressure. Urbas has
made more than 100 small CHP-type powerplant deliveries and every delivery is
tailored for customers individual needs. Effective boiler production runs within 2-3 shifts
and makes Urbas' manufacturing cost-efficient.

Urbas is known as the company that keeps it's timetables and promises!

Contact us, we'll help you further with your project questions!

If you do not feel familyary english language, contact us so we will translate our message tour language.


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