URBAS, leading boiler manufacturing and engineering company from Austria. Tilted moving grate technology, with modern own automation makes Urbas best for use of "multifuel" / wood based unprepared wet bark fuel and industry residue fuel using boiler technology in the world.
Urbas boilers unique fuelfeeding, drying of fuel on the grate and burning process make Urbas as fastest on load changes, or fast reacting on fuel quality changes reacting boiler!
Process is running with very low own use of electric energy (per produced 1MW heat), and to adjust effect of Urbas process, we do not need any fossil energy type oil or gas as support fuel!
Use on fossil fuels will be costly to use, use will be limited by taxing policy, or maybe by your customer disfavor use of it!
In the factory, Urbas manufacture ready to use assembled boiler modules, assembly of modules save time at the customer assembly site, and make assembly fast!
Own, on over 1000st deliveries tested automation solution will serve you decencies ahead, always available easy quick help over internet via 24/7 HelpDesk.
Urbas continues further developing keep you on leading boiler position.
Urbas is year after year major boiler supplier for leading sawmill companies in the Europe, Urbas has even number of very success full plant supplies for district heating companies. 

Latest CHP-type "turnkey supply" powerplant supply is for Power & District heating company Utilitas, Urbas supply near Tallin Centrum 47MW heat and 10MWe electricity producing plant with steam turbine, generator supply till grit, and housing! 

Boiler modules from 5 up to 30MW, possible to supply parallelly hot water boiler and CHP-type steam turbine plants up to 150MW size! Urbas custom design and manufacture hot water, process steam and CHP-type steam turbine electricity and heat producing plants. 

2021 Urbas has about 60psc. supplied boilers in use in Northern Europe, Urbas take care of service most of this plants! 

Contact via mobile phone  +35840 547 2551,
or send message hannu.voutilainen@suomenlinkki.inet.fi
We will send more information about Urbas and agree further steps with you!

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